Easter Island Hotels

Explora Rapa Nui / Luxury

The 30 rooms are quiet, reflect the natural scenery and don’t have the distractions of TV or wifi. The guestrooms spread out from central areas that house reception, living areas, a bar, kitchen and services. Next to the common areas is the Casa de Baños Hare Vai, with a pool, massage salon and open-air Jacuzzis.

Hare Noi / Superior

Nine environmentally friendly rooms come with private balconies. Following ancient Rapa Nui tradition, each unit is connected to a common living area. A soundproofing system and blackout blinds guarantee that every guest receives uninterrupted peace and quiet throughout their stay. Enjoy the spa, outdoor pool, restaurant and wifi throughout after a day of exploration.

Altiplanico / Boutique

Altiplanico Easter Island is designed in the style of the traditional Easter Island boathouse, with gardens, a swimming pool viewing the sea and large open spaces to relax. Rooms are independent units, linked by exterior corridors of stone, sand, or grass, each has a private terrace. All rooms are spacious and comfortable opening to the view of the sea. Wifi available in common areas.