Hotel Oro Verde / Luxury

The classiest hotel in Guayaquil, the Oro Verde boasts an equally impressive range of dining options, from fondue to gourmet French cuisine. Towering over the city, the hotel also provides some of the best views in town. The rooms feature plush beds and large flat screen tvs, perfect for relaxing after a long day of travel. Located right off Guayaquil's main commerical street, 9 de Octubre, and within a few blocks from the Parque del Centenario, city exploration is within easy reach.

Hampton Inn / Superior

Hilton's Hampton Inn in Guayaquil blends the perfect combination of comfort and location. Within a few blocks from the hotel, the riverfront Malecon, or boardwalk, awaits, featuring enormous botanical gardens, museums, an IMAX theater, and nearby Guayaquil's Las Penas historical neighborhood. As a bonus, the Hampton Inn also features the best sushi restaurant in Guayaquil. Returning from your city exploration, the high quality beds will welcome you and guarantee a good night's sleep.