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The Justice Boat: a film about bringing hope to the Amazon

Published April 13, 2015 by Nick Dall

Everyone knows about the Amazon but very little thought is given to its people. Instead we get excited about its incredible plants, animals, fishes and butterflies.  And we get worked up over its importance in the fight against global warming. It's true. The Amazon is the most biodiverse place on the planet and it is the world's lungs. But it also home to hundreds of thousands of people.
Most films about the Amazon fall into two categories: heartwarming pastiches of frolicking wildlife. And politically-charged environmental sob stories.
Not this one.
For 13 years now, Judge Sueli Pini has been travelling on her so-called Justice Boat to the remote villages on the Amazon Delta. The steam boat houses a court with a public prosecutor, bailiffs and public defenders, a medical team, including a dentist, doctor and nurses, and a passport office with civil servants and ID card forms...
Its story is simultaneously riveting, heart-warming and alarming. And you can watch it right here, right now.

Full credit to Al Jazeera and Arne Birkenstock.