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The Magic of Travel

Published August 23, 2015 by Nick Stanziano

What is it to travel? Technically speaking it’s really just getting yourself from one place to another. Yet for those who have sacrificed the security of familiarity and embarked on a journey of enlightenment through exploration, travel can be magic…That incredible feeling when you arrive to a new place, a new culture and a new energy in which your senses have never delved. For those intrepid souls, bursting with wanderlust, arrival to a new place is an incredibly strong drug. Something that reminds them of the immensity of our planet and the beauty of the human condition.
The last 48 hours has been one of these experiences for me. It has been 48 hours of new faces, incredible works of art, observance of man’s great ancient cultures and within the company of those who call this place home. The place I’m talking about is Mexico City. A city of almost 30 million people of all stripes, social economic classes and the living reminisce of the clash and later blending of Aztecan and Spanish culture. My time here has brought back a flood of memories of my past, having first arrived with a backpack to countless countries and communities. It has awakened those deep feelings of why I began my journey of exploration so many years ago and reminded me of the people in which such a life has let me known.
I’ll be spending my time in Mexico City in a beautiful, tree lined neighborhood called Condesa. A place with quaint sidewalk cafes, fashionable young people, hipster hotels and locals whose presence give insight into its simpler past. Urban Latin America while it’s still learning to provide a healthy civil society for all its inhabitants, places like Condesa remind you of the frivolous and naïve belief that cities in Latin America are only places of chaos and corruption. The barrio of Condesa belongs alongside those of the great and renewing urban landscapes anywhere in the world.
As were in the business of sharing our explorations with others. You can be sure that our group of dauntless explorers we call SA Expeditions will be back. We will be back to Mexico and it’s communities to become part of its fabric, to learn its history, to understand its challenges and be amazed by its wonders……And then yes, we will share it with the world!