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VIDEO|São Paulo: The Most Underrated City in the World

Published February 03, 2015 by Nick Dall

A while back we featured an uplifting tale about a homeless poet in São Paulo. This week we've got some more incredible video content from the same city. Unlike Rio, São Paulo is unashamedly urban. Everything good and everything bad about São Paulo is down to its people. There are no spectacular landscapes and very few quaint colonial buildings. It is a modern urban sprawl and it is wonderful.
You'll find the biggest art gallery on the continent and the largest bookstore. A shopping center dedicated to rock music and some of the best restaurants in the world (not least the magnificent D.O.M Restaurante). You'll find an ethnic diversity (from Lebanese to Japanese) that it is unrivaled anywhere in South America. You'll find concert pianists in the subway stations and graffitti everywhere.
São Paulo is Brazil's answer to New York and it is intoxicating. Watch this video and you'll want to visit it. Like now.