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WATCH: "A few weeks in Peru" by Cole Graham

Published August 31, 2015 by Nick Dall

The only thing unremarkable from this short film is its matter-of-fact title. Cole Graham may only have spent 'a few weeks in Peru' but he captured the essence of a country which all of us at SA Expeditions hold extremely dear.
Of course he includes the big name places - Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, the floating villages on Lake Titicaca - but more importantly he preserves the sights and sounds of everyday Peru. The market sellers and the labourers; the alpacas and the cows; the Urubamba River in the rainy season and the weavers of the Andes. The soundtrack is great, the editing is excellent and the message is overwhelmingly clear. Visit Peru Now!
NB: Don't miss the ingenious huarache hinge at 01.42. Simply click on the image below to be teleported to the land of the Incas.

Full credit for the video and the cover shot of this post goes to Cole Graham.