Experience Tango in Buenos Aires

Tango's beginnings in the 19th century is said to have begun in the immigrant tenements and brothels of Buenos Aires port districts. It's explicitly sensual moves were first practiced by the brothel maidens in luring prospective clients that later blended with the variety of sounds and instruments that were brought by newly arrived immigrants, like the accordion.

By the turn of the 20th century, the aristocratic elite began to adopt it as something uniquely Porteño and began to incorporate it into their Victorian parties and social events. It has since evolved into an enigmatic symbol of the city and an art form that exudes the passion of the Buenos Aires spirit.

Visitors to the city can both view and participate in the incredible dance in many of the city's Tango Parlors. Tango shows have evolved into Broadway caliber productions like Tango Porteño or Carlos Gardel, with theaters that seat more than a thousand people. More exclusive cabaret style shows with less than one hundred can be found at Cafe Angelitos or Tango Rojo. The Tango bars of San Telmo for the more participatory at heart are great to get your dancing shoes and hit the floor yourself.

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