When to Visit Antarctica

You can only visit Antarctica during the Antarctica Summer - November through March. Within this period, each month has special highlights.

November - Early December (Late Spring - Early Summer)

During this time, the winter ice pack begins to melt and break up, creating new landscapes of sculpted ice and pristine icebergs. It is the courting season for penguins and seabirds.  You can see whole colonies and their displays of courtship rituals.  Seals are visible on fast ice and shorelines.  Elephant and fur seals establish their breeding territories.  Spring wildflowers blooming on the Falklands and South Georgia Islands. Research activity at its height.

Mid December - January (Summer)

Late December and January are usually Antarctica's warmest months.  On South Georgia and the Falklands, first penguin chicks emerge and fur seals are breeding. Seal pups visible on South Georgia and the Falklands. Antarctic chicks hatch. Whales are increasingly numerous. Receding ice may open new channels for exploration.  Longer days create great light conditions for fabulous photo opportunities.

February - March (Late Summer)

This season boasts beautiful sunrises and sunsets create stunning photo opportunities. Whale sighting at its best, penguin chicks begin to fledge, Falklands' chicks leaving the nest, fur seals are increasingly common on the Antarctic Peninsula and you can witness snow algae blooming.

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