Where to Stay in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires arguably has the most varied and best quality hotel infrastructure in all of South America. Following the financial crash of the Argentinian peso in 2001, the country and specifically Buenos Aires has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The level of investment during this boom into the hotel sector of Buenos Aires has been one of the principal drivers of this. Every principal district in the city has a truly luxury option and many districts like Recoleta boast numerous luxury options of a caliber that rivals the finest luxury hotel brands.

The Principal Neighborhoods

In a city with a long history of immigration, it's critical to understand its true nature from the view as a patchwork of neighborhoods. Each with its own unique soul and contribution, offering the visitor a distinctive experience from each. While Buenos Aires officially has 48 neighborhoods, we've elaborated on what we feel are the most visitor friendly.

Recoleta - Here you will find the most grandiose palaces of the city, some having been transformed into equally impressive hotels. The shopping is as exclusive as it gets on the continent and its famous cemetery has mausoleums containing the most celebrated, venerated and wealthiest citizens of Argentina's past. Much of its aristocratic past lives on in the architecture, and the area still serves as the center where the most foreign embassies are located.

Palermo Soho and Hollywood - Trendy and stylish, these cobblestone street neighborhoods have become one of the centers for art and nightlife. While the" hipster-fixation" of the neighborhood is clearly present, there is still a very traditional feel, with excellent accommodation options and quaint and walkable neighborhoods. For anyone interested in design and contemporary Latin American art, Palermo Soho and Hollywood cannot be missed.

San Telmo - Synonymous with "Tango" in Buenos Aires, it's also the home to one of the largest antique fairs in South America. Sunday though is the neighborhood's day to shine, when its streets for dozens of blocks close and fill with artists, street performers and vendors of all types. This incredible market, gives the visitor a taste of the incredible variety of the city encapsulated in a Sunday afternoon.

City Center - Anchored by the infamous Buenos Aires Obelisk, the city center with its wide avenues, monuments, crowds and buzz, makes the visitor realize that she is in the heart of a global hub. While the hustle and bustle can be jolting to some, those who relish in this type of energy will find it very exciting. The pedestrian dedicated Florida street that runs through much of the district, is a non-stop promenade for all things Argentinian. Locals, immigrants and tourist alike, fill the restaurants, shops and sidewalks gawking at the endless action.

Puerto Madero - A major achievement of urban revitalization, this old port district has become an upscale and pedestrian friendly hub just outside of the busier parts of the city center. Some of the city's top hotels call Puerto Madero home and it's a staple of the many tours of the city either by vehicle or bus. For those looking to escape the hipsters of Palermo, the opulence of Recoleta, the noise of City Center and the grittiness of San Telmo, well this is your niche.

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