16 Day Buenos Aires to Antarctica Polar Circle Tour

Over two weeks long and with a route that includes frigid and at times rough waters, you can be sure that your Antarctic expedition will be led by a vessel with a sturdy design and modern style. Originally built for deep sea fishing, everyday explorers aboard the Plancius can enjoy a spacious observation lounge offering a full panorama view of natural glacial sculptures and iconic wildlife such as the humpback whale and various species of the iconic penguin. Should you wish to forgo elegance for bravery, even if just for an afternoon, plenty of opportunities will be had for excursions on shore the Antarctic Peninsula, kayaking and even diving into the polar waters.

This fully customizable, private tour can be crafted by a Destination Expert to match the vacation of your dreams. From the moment you contact us, until the day you return home, we cater to your every whim.

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3 nights in Buenos Aires | 1 night in Ushuaia | 11 nights aboard the Plancius Ship

  • Admiring the distinctive knobbly head of a Humpback whale is not so uncommon, nor is spotting the small Minke whale, when you sail near the Pleneau Island in the Antarctic.
  • A full day to explore Buenos Aires at your own pace and according to your interests. Immerse yourself in one of South America’s shining metropolitan capitals!
  • The size and ample public spaces aboard the Plancius make it ideal for families and groups. Find a view of your own as you peer out from the observation lounge.
  • Take the adventure up a notch with opportunities to polar dive into the frigid depths of the Antarctic as well as to kayak near glaciers and marine life.
  • Witness the adorable waddle of various penguin species, including the Gentoo, Chinstrap, Adelie.
  • The schedule varies according to the weather, but once aboard the Plancius vessel you’ll disembark daily to explore the polar landscape with expert guides.

Trip At A Glance

  • Day 1- Welcome to Buenos Aires. An SA representative will meet you at the airport and accompany you along the ride to your hotel where you can settle in for the night
  • Day 2 - Discover Buenos Aires on a guided city tour with stops at San Telmo, La Boca, Recoleta, Puerto Madero and the main plaza
  • Day 3 - The day is yours to explore Buenos Aires at your leisure. You’ll then experience an authentic Porteño evening complete with dinner and tango
  • Day 4 - Arrive by plane to Ushuaia, where an SA representative will transport you to the exquisite Alto Andino hotel where you’ll keep warm and stay the night
  • Day 5-6 -  A private transfer will take you to board Plancius, your comfortable vessel for the entirety of this adventure. Navigate the intrepid waters of Drake Passage
  • Day 7-13 - While the exact itinerary may vary, you’ll have the option to take part in various Antarctic activities, from wildlife spotting to shore excursions, and even kayaking.
  • Day 14-15 - Last chance for spotting the numerous and varied seabirds that refer to Drake Passage as home
  • Day 16 - Catch return flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires

  • Day 1 - Arrival in Buenos Aires

    At the airport, one of our representatives will meet you and take you to your Buenos Aires hotel. Depending on your time of arrival, we can arrange an activity in the city for the afternoon or evening.

  • Day 2 - Buenos Aires City Tour

    After breakfast, you'll head out on a Buenos Aires city tour during which you'll explore the districts of San Telmo, La Boca, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, the city center, and the main plaza. The tour will end in the Recoleta Cemetery where you can stay and explore on your own or continue back to the hotel.

  • Day 3 - Free day with dinner and tango show

    Whether it’s spent shopping for antiques in San Telmo, exploring the city’s fantastic art galleries or taking a stroll along the delightful greenery of the Costanera Sur, today is yours to decide how you wish to experience Buenos Aires. The main districts in the Argentine capital are pedestrian friendly and the city's subways are efficient and easy to use. In the evening, you will be taken to one of Buenos Aires' best tango houses for an authentic Porteño evening of dinner, music, and dancing. Choose either a small, intimate show or a large, Broadway-style production.

  • Day 4 - Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

    Get that much closer to “the end of the world” when you take a morning flight to Ushuaia, capital of Tierra del Fuego and the southernmost city in the world. Once you land in this mystical resort town, an SA representative will greet you and take you to your hotel via private transportation. Relax in your comfortable accommodation as tomorrow the cruise begins!

  • Day 5-6 - Antarctic adventure begins

    Today you’ll board your cruise vessel, Plancius. Though it has since been completely rebuilt, this spacious ship was originally constructed in 1976 with the true spirit of explorers in mind and that strong character remains today. We’ll begin our Antarctic adventure by navigating the moody waters of Drake Passage, home to numerous and varied species of seabirds, and cross the Antarctic Convergence.

  • Day 7-13 - Enter the Antarctic

    Icebergs are no longer a blurry formation in the distance as today we officially enter the Antarctic. While the exact itinerary can vary due to weather and ice conditions, you can be assured that wildlife abounds in just about every direction of the Antarctic. A possible landing at Hannah Point provides the opportunity to see penguins, including the Gentoo and Chinstrap varieties, while Deception Island, a subducted crater, offers up plenty of surprises such as natural hot springs. We’ll continue moving further south, visiting the penguin-friendly Cuverville Island, Paradise Bay and its myriad icebergs, the spectacular whale watching at Pleneau Island, and numerous other possible stops and sightings. Heading north again, the pristine environment surrounding the Melchior Islands provides a standout opportunity for diving and kayaking.

  • Day 14-15 - Drake Passage

    Last call for spotting seabirds and other marine wildlife! We’ll spend these two days catching up on any lost opportunities for birdwatching and photo opps as we sail back through the Drake Passage. The Antarctic Convergence is a meetup of frigid polar water with warmer equatorial water, resulting in a natural border of ecosystems and providing a rich source of food for local marine life.

  • Day 16 - Return to Buenos Aires

    Today you’ll migrate north as you catch a flight from Ushuaia back to Buenos Aires. After nearly two weeks at sea you’ll have plenty of adventure-filled memories to reflect on as you begin your homeward bound journey.

Pricing includes everything from your international arrival to your departure, with the exception of flights and a few lunches and dinners. Our specialty is private, customizable travel experiences.

16 Day Tour from $17,390 per person


  • 4 nights in our preferred properties hand selected for comfort, convenience and quality
  • 11 nights aboard an all-inclusive Antarctica cruise with nature excursions, transfers, and all meals included
  • Privately guided tours with your own personal guide and driver (outside Antarctica)
  • All private airport transfers with English speaking assistance (outside Antarctica)
  • All required entrance fees
  • All breakfasts
  • 24hr support
  • All taxes

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