6 Day Cruise the Amazon Tour

  • Day 1 - Arrival in Lima, Peru

    Upon arrival to Lima, you will be greeted and driven to your selected hotel. If staying at the Lima airport Costa del Sol Ramada, you will only need to walk out the airport exit and across the street to your evening accommodations.

  • Day 2 - Lima to Iquitos

    After a morning spent in Peru's capital city (and an optional Lima city tour), you'll fly to Iquitos, an isolated Amazonian town. Upon arrival, your cruise representative will meet you at the airport and escort you to your luxurious Amazon cruise boat. After settling into your cabin, you'll be treated to a special onboard welcome dinner.

  • Day 3 - Yanallpa & Dorado River Trip

    To see the immensity of the Amazon up close, today you'll take two trips up Amazon tributaries in small boats. In the morning, you'll float through a flooded Amazon forest, which is a great place to see monkeys and other wildlife, and in the afternoon you'll navigate through the Mirrored Forest on Dorado River, returning to your cruise ship at dusk.

  • Day 4 - Community Visit & Pacaya River Exploration

    After sunrise on an oxbow lake, you'll visit a local Amazonian community to learn how the locals survive in this dense environment. Lunch is served back on the boat before the afternoon's excursion up the Pacaya River to a lake deep in the rainforest. Night will fall as you make your way back to your cruise ship, giving you the opportunity to spot nocturnal animals with special spotlights.

  • Day 5 - Dolphin Excursion & Piranha Fishing

    Enjoy an impromptu marine show this morning when you visit a popular dolphin feeding spot, one of the best places to see the famous pink river dolphins. Around noon you'll begin heading down river toward Iquitos, stopping at a lake filled with various types of Amazonian fish. Here you can try to catch some carnivorous piranhas. The day concludes with a farewell dinner.

  • Day 6 - Iquitos to Lima

    As you near Iquitos, you'll be able to visit Belen, a town that actually floats on the Amazon River. And although you dock around noon, your adventure is not over yet. You'll spend the afternoon visiting some of main sites in Iquitos, such as the Manatee Rescue Center and Indian Market. When your tour of the town concludes, you'll be taken to the airport for your flight back to Lima.

Embrace luxury and wildlife from Iquitos during an Amazon cruise, one of the most coveted ways to explore the rainforest. Keep an eye out for the famous pink river dolphins.

1 night in Lima, 4 nights on a luxury Amazon cruise boat


  • Personalized Amazon excursions by foot and canoe
  • Visit the feeding area of the famous pink river dolphin
  • Search for monkeys, birds, caimans, frogs, and other fascinating wildlife native to the rainforest

This fully customizable tour can be crafted by a Destination Expert to match the vacation of your dreams. From the moment you contact us, until the day you return home, we will cater for your every whim.

Day Tour from $5,290 per person


  • 1 night in our preferred properties hand selected for comfort, convenience and quality
  • 4 nights aboard an all-inclusive Amazon cruise with small-group excursions and transfers, and all meals included
  • All required entrance fees
  • All breakfasts
  • 24hr support
  • All taxes

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~ Explorer's Notebook ~

Lodge versus cruise: Exploring the Peruvian Amazon

Lodge versus cruise: Exploring the Peruvian Amazon

You haven’t truly experienced the wonders of South America until you’ve immersed yourself in the canopy of the Amazon and explored its many waterways. Until you’ve got up close and personal with a macaw and heard a howler howl… Why go The numbers don’t lie. The Amazon Rainforest covers about 2,100,000 square miles, making it far and away the largest rain forest on the planet. The Amazon River, without which there would be no forest, is the world’s largest river by volume and – recent studies suggest – also the world’s longest.  The Amazon Rainforest is shared by eight different countries, with Brazil, Peru and Columbia boasting the largest swaths. Photo credit: R.Rodrich / Delfin Amazon Cruises By area 60% of Peru is rainforest, but only 5% of the population calls it home. What it lacks in humans it makes up for with a multitude of plants, insects, birds, animals and fish that is quite simply without compare. The Amazon is the most biodiverse place on the planet …
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5 iconic Amazon animals

5 iconic Amazon animals

Your once in-a-lifetime adventure to the world’s largest and richest rainforest will be packed with wildlife highlights from start to finish. Here are a few of the most exciting species found near Puerto Maldonado... Giant river otter (Pteronura brasiliensis). These graceful river giants, which attain lengths of 8ft (if you include their long tails) and weights of 70lb, are the largest member of the Mustelid family. Only 5,000 remain in the wild (in an area the size of the Lower 48!) but the oxbow lakes of Tambopata in South-Eastern Peru are one of the best places in the world to see them. The sociable otters who live in groups of up to 20 individuals are expert fishermen who eat approximately 3 kilograms of fish every day. Each otter is born with a uniquely shaped patch of cream-colored fur on its throat – much like a human fingerprint this can be used by rangers and scientists to identify individuals. They’re also extremely vocal animals…as you will find out on your Amazon …
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Why the tallest structure in LatAm is in the remote Amazon

Why the tallest structure in LatAm is in the remote Amazon

Forget the skyscrapers of Sao Paulo, Santiago and Buenos Aires, the tallest man-made structure on the South America continent is situated in the remote Amazon rain-forest, over 100 miles from the Brazilian town of Manaus. Admittedly there are no offices or apartments in the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO). Instead it was built for purely scientific purposes as a joint venture between the Max Planck Institute  and the Brazilian Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia. The 325-metre (1066 ft.) high tower is equipped with machinery and instruments which will collect data that is designed to enable us to make better decisions about climate change in the future. Its research objectives include: Collecting data on the influence of the vast, largely untouched rainforest on the climate. Understanding sources and sinks of greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane and N2O. Investigating the formation of aerosols which is important for cloud formation. Investigating the transport …
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