Hotel Paracas / Luxury

This beautiful oceanfront resort opened in 2009 after the original hotel was destroyed by the 2007 earthquake. It\'s located in front of the nature reserve, teeming with sea lions, flamingos, dolphins, and penguins. The Hotel Paracas is one of the most luxurious resorts and spas on the Peruvian Coast and is an unrivaled base for exploring the nature reserve and famous Nazca Lines. Its bar, lounge and pools also offer the visitor a chance to recharge the senses for further exploration of Peru.

Hotel Cantayo / Luxury

Hotel Cantayo is an Oasis in the desert of Southern Peru. It is bordered by millennium old aqueducts that sustained the advanced civilizations in the Nazca region. The large hotel grounds include a swimming pool, jogging circuit and open spaces to view the same skies which inspired the ancient Nazca culture to build immense figures in the sand to mimic what they viewed as god\'s domain. If you prefer a visit to the Nazca area the Cantayo hotel is the best that the region offers.