Our Team

SA Expeditions is more than just a travel company, it’s a network of professionals hailing from a variety of backgrounds and places, all bound by a love of travel, appreciation of different cultures and dedication to crafting an authentic travel experience. Our team of experts, visible and behind the scenes, all contribute to making each tailor-made trip a truly unique, memorable, once in a lifetime adventure. Have a look behind the scenes and see what makes SA Expeditions tick.


How We Began

The year was 2010 in Lima, Peru. Two American expats, with fresh minted MBA’s and a love for travel founded SA Expeditions. Nick Stanziano and David Rottblatt were taking a chance on life.

Maybe with a few computers and lots of hard work, they could turn their passion for travel into a company. Since then, that idealism and ambitions of youth have come to reality, giving way to an adventure of a lifetime shared among our thousands of clients, colleagues and partners along the way.

We are specialist in South America and we see ourselves as being born on the continent. Today though, our team is global. A robust and choreographed web of destination experts, guides and local operators that are at the very top of their craft, designing and executing travel experiences that changes lives.

Our Promise

The incredible people and nature of South America are the twin pillars of our business. Without them we’d be nothing. And yet we exist in a world where modernity and development threaten vulnerable ecosystems and disrupt traditional cultures.

We believe that responsible travel is good for business, but we also believe that it’s just the right thing to do. We are dedicated to:

  • Properly Managed Tourism - Create value in cultural heritage and the environment. It creates awareness and incentives to protect the traditions and way of life that make this part of the world so fascinating and unique.
  • Community Involvement - Make conservation a key function of what we do and how our business works. While others pay lip service to sustainable travel, we do it transparently and wholeheartedly. Our Choquechaca project is a community-led trekking experience, the first of its kind in Peru.
  • Conservation - We are leading the conservation of some of Peru’s most important archeological heritage, as we explore the Qhapaq Ñan, the thousands-mile long and rapidly disappearing Inca road network.

Our efforts expand far beyond Peru. Whether you’re enjoying a weekend in Buenos Aires, a cruise of the Galapagos, or an expedition across the Andes, you can be sure that your travel experiences reflect and support our underlying ethos.