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If your ideal vacation involves working up a sweat in the Great Outdoors you’ve come to the right continent. These luxury South America tours include following in the footsteps of the Incas on a luxury Lares or Macchu Picchu trek, horseback riding amidst the majesty of Patagonia, snorkeling in the marine paradise that is the Galapagos and kayaking in the pristine waters of Antarctica.

10 Day Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama Tour

1 nights in La Paz, 2 nights in an Airstream Camper on Salt Flats, 3 nights in San Pedro de Atacama, 3 nights in Santiago

Tour the expansive Uyuni Salt Flats in private via a 4x4 vehicle and a fully serviced Luxury Airstream Camper. Then head south to the Atacama Desert and Chiles cosmopolitan capital city of Santiago.

10 Day Buenos Aires to Antarctica Tour

3 nights in Buenos Aires, 1 night in Ushuaia, 4 nights aboard the Ocean Nova Ship, 1 night in Punta Arenas

Spend this South America vacation at Argentina's tango-loving capital city, Buenos Aires. Then head to Antarctica, one of the coldest, windiest, driest places on the planet.

12 Day Southern Circuit Tour

3 nights in Santiago, 2 nights at a Torres del Paine Lodge, 3 nights in El Calafate, 3 nights in Buenos Aires

Travel the southern circuit of South America during this 12-day vacation package to the cities of Santiago and Buenos Aires, mixed with the wonders of Patagonia.

11 Day Galapagos & Machu Picchu Tour

1 night in Guayaquil or Quito, 4 nights on Galapagos cruise, 1 night in Lima, 3 nights in Cuzco, 1 night in Machu Picchu town

Visit two of the most important sites in South America. Begin with an exploration of the unique island wildlife and then experience the grandeur of the Incan citadel during this Machu Picchu and Galapagos tour.

8 Day Sacred Valley & Lares Lodge Adventure

1 night in Lima, 2 nights in Cuzco, 3 nights in rustic-luxury lodges, 1 night in Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo hotel

Trek through the Peruvian Andes to Machu Picchu in comfort. This route combines adventure with cultural exploration, taking you off the beaten track with visits to authentic Andean communities whilst being surrounded by stunning mountains, lakes and valleys, all while staying in picturesque Mountain Lodges.

7 Day Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Tour

1 night in Lima, 2 nights in Sacred Valley, 1 night in Machu Picchu town, 2 nights in Cuzco

Travel along the final portion of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu as the Incas did hundreds of years ago. This shorter version of the Inca Trail is a great option for families and those with time constraints.

8 Day Amazon to Machu Picchu Tour

1 night in Lima, 2 nights in Amazon jungle lodge, 3 nights in Cuzco, 1 night in Machu Picchu town

The Amazon basin is one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet. Explore the river tributaries and go on a guided jungle walk to discover the exotic wildlife and plants. Then enjoy one our Machu Picchu luxury tours.

10 Day Galapagos Islands & Amazon Tour

2 nights in Quito, 4 nights on Galapagos cruise, 3 nights in an Amazon jungle lodge

Discover the wildlife diversity of South America on this Galapagos and Amazon tour. Start with a Galapagos cruise to visit islands full of endemic species. Continue to a lodge in Ecuador’s Amazon, part of the largest rainforest in the world.

8 Day Active Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu Tour

1 night in Lima, 3 nights Sacred Valley, 1 night in Machu Picchu town, and 2 nights in Cuzco

Travel by horseback to visit the remote indigenous community of Choquechaca. Learn about their strong weaving traditions, enjoy a freshly prepared mountainside lunch, and explore the ruins of Pumamarca.

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~ Explorer's Notebook ~

Climbing Huayna Picchu (the mountain in THAT photo)

Climbing Huayna Picchu (the mountain in THAT photo)

This short, sharp ascent on narrow paths and stairs is both hair-raising and exhausting. But this is all forgotten when you stand at the top and look down on the wonder that is Machu Picchu. What is Huayna Picchu? Day visitors to Machu Picchu can choose between a regular entry ticket or a ticket that includes hiking to either Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain. Huayna Picchu is the dramatic cone-shaped peak which towers above Machu Picchu in all the photos…you know the one. Machu Picchu means ‘old mountain’ in Quechua and Huayna Picchu means ‘young mountain’. At 8,920ft, it’s the second highest point in the ruins precinct (Machu Picchu Mountain is higher) but it still enjoys great views. This could be you... (Photo credit: Jipe7 on Flickr) Huayna Picchu versus Machu Picchu Mountain If your legs allow it, hiking up one of these two peaks is highly recommended. But which one will it be? Huayna Picchu is much more popular among visitors, and despite the fact that only 400 visitors …
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The Two Day Inca Trail – The Best Kept Secret

The Two Day Inca Trail – The Best Kept Secret

Hiram Bingham’s discovery of Machu Picchu and the subsequent photos published in 1913, in the fledging National Geographic magazine, changed the course of Peru (and the magazine). Today the region of Cusco, which is the gateway to the most stunning of mountaintop Inca citadels, now sees over a million tourists a year. When Bingham first arrived to the site, he traversed the beautiful stone roads that the Inca’s built 500 years prior, a walking path that was bypassed in the subsequent decades by a rail line, built in the 1940’s to bring ever more visitors arriving to Peru, on modern jet airplanes. The Re-discovery of the Inca Trail By the early 1980’s some entrepreneurial explorers recognized the potential of these same paths that Bingham took in 1911 when he re-discovered Machu Picchu (Bingham’s route differed slightly from the current Inca Trail) and created a four day trekking circuit that again changed the course of tourism for the region. It established one of today’s most …
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Lodge to lodge treks near Machu Picchu

Lodge to lodge treks near Machu Picchu

Dilemma: You’ve always wanted to do the Inca Trail but you also value the finer things in life. Get the best of both worlds by doing one of the luxurious lodge to lodge treks on offer near Cusco. You’ll get the chance to hike in one of the most spectacular corners of the Andes and you’ll visit remote villages and Inca ruins. You’ll experience a way of life that modernity has passed by and you’ll spend your last day immersed in the majesty of Machu Picchu. New perspectives on Machu Picchu (Photo credit: Philip Dixon) Lodge to lodge treks give you the chance to live out an authentic Andean trekking experience without having to sleep on hard ground or eat stodgy pasta. On both the Lares and Salkantay treks you can rest assured that the locally-inspired cuisine will be gourmet, the showers hot and the beds luxurious. If the idea of a less crowded, more luxurious and ultimately more spectacular experience appeals, read on to find out more about the various options. The Salkantay Trek …
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