"Conservation Through Meaningful Experiences"

Conservation through Tourism

We believe that tourism can be a powerful, positive force towards conservation of ecology and culture by placing economic value on these critical resources. You can participate in these activities by exploring our community based experiences in Choquechaca or follow along as our founder Nick Stanziano walks and registers thousands of miles of Qhapaq Nan, the disappearing Inca Road from Ecuador to Peru.

8 Day Choquechaca to Machu Picchu Trek

This trek developed by the SA Expeditions takes you through the remote Andes Mountains along old Inca routes to Machu Picchu. Your support team and local guides are all from the community of Choquechaca which is along the route. You will experience not only native forests, lost ruins and glacier clad peaks, but you will also learn and understand what life is like for the indigenous cultures of the region, spending an evening with the families of your porters and guides.

8 Day Machu Picchu and Choquechaca Experience

In addition to exploring all the key highlights of Cusco and Machu Picchu, you will also spend an unforgettable day trekking, or by horseback to the community of Choquechaca for a mountain lunch. You will get to be part of this remote Andean community for the day, off the beaten path, visiting the Inca ruins at Pumamarka and enjoying some the most untouched and ecologically important valleys around Machu Picchu.

Travel in the 21st Century

Travel in our hyper-connected 21st century world is markedly different from the centuries and millennium of past. We can instantly connect across the planet by a variety of modern contraptions as every inch of earth’s surface is viewable by satellites. Explaining this history to a Martian, they might be led to believe that the era of exploration is over. Well, the team at SA Expeditions doesn’t think so. In fact, we think exploration in today’s world is just as visceral and the ecstasy of arriving to that far off place can be as palpable as ever. Exploration in today’s age is an experience in depth, an exploration of the unique, taking those moments to contemplate and appreciate the complexity and beauty of living things and their communities.

This is the perspective we are coming from when we talk about giving back to the beauty and variety of the world. It’s this diversity of ecosystems and people that allows us to provide incredible travel experiences. As a company, we are completely dependent upon it and its conservation is critical to our future. Our efforts to give back are also an opportunity for our clients to engage with and strengthen the diversity of the plant, animal and human worlds, all the while experiencing that ecstasy of arriving to a foreign land.