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What do you get the man who has everything? A ticket to Antarctica, of course. The coldest, windiest, and driest continent on the planet is home to icebergs, penguins and whales. Containing 90% of the ice on earth, it’s one-and-a-half times larger than the United States. Visiting Antarctica has never been easier, so book one of our incredible Antarctica tours before the rest of the world cottons on.

10 Day Buenos Aires to Antarctica Tour

3 nights in Buenos Aires, 1 night in Ushuaia, 4 nights aboard the Ocean Nova Ship, 1 night in Punta Arenas

Head from one of the Southern Hemisphere’s most cosmopolitan cities to the remotest destination on the planet on this 10-Day Buenos Aires to Antarctica Tour. You’ll spend three nights in gorgeous Buenos Aires, getting to visit the key destinations and of course enjoying a tango show before heading south to the dramatic landscapes of Tierra del Fuego, where you’ll board the luxury Ocean Nova ship for four days of unparalleled Antarctic adventure featuring icebergs, penguins, whales and sunlight galore.

11 Day Santiago to Antarctica Tour

3 nights in Santiago, 2 nights in Punta Arenas, 5 nights aboard the Ocean Nova Ship

Head from Chile’s cosmopolitan capital to the remotest destination on Earth on this 11-Day Santiago to Antarctica Tour. Spend three nights in exciting Santiago visiting the key city sites and popular neighboring coastal towns before flying as far South as is commercially possible and boarding a luxury ship for your five-night Antarctic exploration. You’ll see polar wildlife, breath-taking scenery and exhilarating ocean views, with daily excursions onto the ice, on this incredible adventure. Because this tour flies in an out of King George Island, you’ll spend five full days navigating Antarctic waters.

13 Day Santiago to Antarctica Polar Circle Tour

3 nights in Santiago, 2 nights in Punta Arenas, 7 nights aboard the Ocean Nova Ship

Whether through the glass-enclosed observation lounge aboard the Ocean Nova cruise vessel or up close thanks to the ship’s fleet of small and sturdy Zodiac boats, this 13-day Antarctic adventure is day after day of extraordinary views. Sail across polar waters and alongside the pristine snow-covered landscapes of Antarctica, home to diverse wildlife including whales, penguins and seals. Your modern and comfortable transportation and expert-led adventures will make this an unforgettable journey to the White Continent.

14 Day Buenos Aires to Antarctica Silversea Tour

3 nights in Buenos Aires, 1 night in Ushuaia, 10 nights aboard the Silver Cloud Ship

Navigate the chilly and at times turbulent Antarctic waters with ease and stability aboard the Silver Cloud, a spacious vessel designed for modern elegance. As we explore perhaps the most remote continent in the world, comfort remains on board with options such as in-suite dining, topical lectures from experts, and broad viewing decks. Home to pristine landscapes, ice formations and thriving flora and fauna such as the iconic penguin, this Antarctic expedition offers 15 days of otherworldly sights.

16 Day Buenos Aires to Antarctica Polar Circle Tour

3 nights in Buenos Aires, 1 night in Ushuaia, 11 nights aboard the Plancius Ship

Over two weeks long and with a route that includes frigid and at times rough waters, you can be sure that your Antarctic expedition will be led by a vessel with a sturdy design and modern style. Originally built for deep sea fishing, everyday explorers aboard the Plancius can enjoy a spacious observation lounge offering a full panorama view of natural glacial sculptures and iconic wildlife such as the humpback whale and various species of the iconic penguin. Should you wish to forgo elegance for bravery, even if just for an afternoon, plenty of opportunities will be had for excursions on shore the Antarctic Peninsula, kayaking and even diving into the polar waters.

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