8 Day Great Inca Trail Expedition

  • Day 1 - Arrival in Lima, Peru

    Welcome to Peru! Upon arrival at the Lima airport you will be greeted by a SA representative before walking across the street to your Lima hotel, Costa del Sol.

  • Day 2 - Lima to Huaraz

    In the morning, you will just need to walk back across the street to check in for your flight to Huaraz, the gateway to the Qhapaq Ñan. Upon arrival in Huaraz, you’ll be met at the airport by your guide and driver and escorted to your Huaraz hotel. After settling in, enjoy an afternoon tour of the city.

  • Day 3 - The Great Inca Trail – Castillo to Soledad de Tambo

    Heading out early from your Huaraz hotel, you will be driven to the small town of Castillo, where you will begin the trek. You will climb three hours along the Inca Trail towards Soledad de Tambo, where you will arrive in time for lunch. This Inca “Tambo” will also be your camp for the evening, allowing you to explore the Inca ruins and speak with the archeologists on site about their exciting new discoveries.

  • Day 4 - The Great Inca Trail –Soledad de Tambo - Quenuajirca

    Departing one Inca Tambo, you will follow a section of the Qhapaq Ñan that reaches fifty feet in width, with stunning views of high Andean peaks. After climbing to the 15,000-foot pass at Wagapunta for most of the morning, you will arrive to camp at Quenuajirca by the afternoon. You will visit the master weaver, Juan Araujo to learn about his work and life on The Great Inca Trail.

  • Day 5 - The Great Inca Trail – Quenuajirca to Tambo Grande

    After descending to the small town of Ayash, you will start your climb to the high Andean puna at Huamanin. The Great Inca Trail then goes along the Taparaco river basin to Tambo Grande. You will camp under a sky that will illuminate the Milky Way and surrounding stars, allowing you to understand how the Inca’s Cosmic vision defined their society and religion.

  • Day 6 - The Great Inca Trail – Tambo Grande to Isco

    Continuing down the Great Inca Trail that runs along the Taparaco river, you will experience one of the most impressive sections of Inca road anywhere in the Empire. It’s a day where nature and Inca engineering turn your walk into a mystical experience that immerses you in an Andean world that very few people ever experience. You will arrive to San Lorenzo de Isco by early afternoon, in time for lunch and afternoon tea.

  • Day 7 - The Great Inca Trail – Isco to Huanuco Pampa

    After arriving at Colpa, where the Taparaco and Vizcarra collide, in the late morning you will climb to Huánuco Pampa. This important Inca administrative center boasts thousands of constructions, an impressive Ushnu and is an excellent example of imperial Inca architecture. After a two-hour tour of the site, you will go by private vehicle back to Huaraz to relax before your departure the following day.

  • Day 8 - Huaraz to Lima

    You will be picked up from your hotel and driven to the Huaraz airport for your flight to Lima.

Walk five days on one of the greatest and most important roads in pre-industrial man, the Qhapaq Ñan, an Inca road system that connected the entire Inca empire. You will hike through some of the most remote and stunning landscapes of the Andes mountains to see for yourself how this road is alive, evolving, and ready to be discovered.

1 night in Lima, 2 nights in Huaraz, 4 nights on the trail

  • Four days of privately guided trekking on The Great Inca Trail in remote Andes
  • Personalized support for maximum camping comfort
  • Fresh mountain air and stunning landscapes

Day Tour from $3,490 per person


  • 3 nights in our preferred properties hand selected for comfort, convenience and quality
  • Privately guided tours with your own personal guide and driver
  • All private airport transfers with English speaking assistance
  • 4 nights on privately guided Great Inca Trail Trek
    • All camping gear and nutritious meals, snacks and water
    • Upgraded thermarest sleeping mats & sleeping bags
    • Private portable bathroom to supplement camp-site restrooms
    • Porter assistance to carry up your personal belongings  
  • All breakfasts
  • 24hr support
  • All taxes

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"Having spent my childhood amongst the rolling hills of the UK, I fell in love with the Andes on visits to Chile, Bolivia and Peru and made my permanent home amongst the mountains of Cusco."